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Post di Red Hawk, per chi se lo fosse perso Smiley Come si diceva tempo addietro le cure del liberator erano effettivamente "overtuned" in quanto calcolate con i modificatori da ST anche nel caso degli AOE
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Citazione:Hello all,

We've recently found and corrected an issue that was causing Liberator AoE heals to be significantly more powerful than intended. A script which generated their healing values was calculating as though they were Single-Target abilities, despite their actually being AoE. We've updated PTS with these values changes for Liberator, but we are very cautiously watching their performance here. There is a risk that Liberator healing has been tuned around these overtuned heal values, and as such fixing this bug could damage their viability. We are committed to making further corrections to ensure that Liberator remains viable in both PvE and PvP, before these changes go live.

Thanks for your understanding - please feel free to use this thread to highlight either abilities that are now too weak, or QoL issues you feel Liberator abilities suffer from.

Un nerf di circa il 50% di healing output giĆ  sul pts, a cui Red Hawk ha ulteriormente specificato

Citazione:All we've done is fix a bug which caused its AoE healing amounts to be equivalent to other healers' ST healing amounts. No, we will not be reverting that change. However, we will be happy to increase other areas of Liberator's performance to compensate for fixing this bug.
Praticamente se ne sono accorti subito Smiley

Rivoglio il senticar!