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Orginally I wasn't going to post this guide, but I was convinced to do so by an incident of bullying I witnessed on a minor, I was walking past ASDA (The UK Walmart) the other day and I saw some kids sticking pins into the tyres of this small green bike, once I had got my sausage roll from Greggs Bakery, I walked back past the bike rack to see this small kid lying on the floor crying that his tyres had been deflated on his green bike, this kids name? Norman, I felt sorry for Norman and decided to write this guide. This one is for you Norman.

The Warlion spec is by far the most god-damm overpowered spec in the game for AOE grinding and soloing, if you want an example, please refer to the video guide, it is not a spec that is suggested to be used in PVP, Endgame raiding, expert dungeons or normal dungeons. The spec is heavily based of the spec initially created in 2.4 by Ewarwoo who did a pretty awesome job with it! But due to various changes with the talent tree and warrior abilities, although this guide still 'works', there are a fair few adjustments I've made to point allocation which can output a lot more damage.

The build:
Warlion: ... 1BiN54mM/3

Ewarwoo's 2.4 build (For comparison): ... k6lGBa18/3

-Recovery Posture
-Deadly Posture
-Juggernauts Bearing
-Shared Suffering
-Way of the River
-Vampiric Munitions (From Tier 2 Death Planar Attunement Tree, This is actually optional, you can use the Weaponstones for more DPS, in the video, despite having 6 golems on me, I manage to easily survive without VM, having VM just makes you even more overpowered as far as self healing goes)

How is the spec played?
You will initially want to round up as many mobs as you can by running around like a headless chicken and spamming mark of inevitability and your cleave macro when the mobs in melee range of yourself, use sergents orders to quickly pull in any casters, once you've got at least 4-5 mobs your ready to get down to business. Start off by using cornered beast and proceed to use it whenever it comes off cooldown. Finisher wise it really depends on the pull, my general rule which seems to work fairly well is if your above 50% hit the damaging finisher macro, if your below 50% hit chains of life. If you want to play it safe you can always use chains of life as a finisher, but its much more exciting to live on the edge. Between using your finishers and cornered beast, all you will essentially need to do is continue to spam your cleave macro.

Yep, it's that easy.

Cleave Builder:
#show mighty blow
cast wave of steel
cast mighty blow

SIngle Target Builder:
#show a quick death
cast piercing thrust
cast a quick death
cast empowering strike

Damaging AOE Finisher:
#show killing field
cast killing field
cast bladefury

- If you feel like your going to die within the next 10 seconds, use no permission to die, save your combo points for when it triggers and then use chains of life + battlefield medic to be topped to full health.
- If your looking to live even more on the edge, use Battle Surge every 30 seconds, you will deal more damage but also take 10% more damage.
- You can use Defensive Posture instead of Deadly Posture for increased survivability, although I've yet to come across a scenario where I would recommend this.
- You can shuffle talent points around to make this spec more defensive, such as taking the point out of Besker to get Weapon Defense, there are also other adjustments you can make in the Warlord tree, but in all honesty, I don't think they are needed.

Once again a massive thank you Ewarwoo for the foundation of an ever developing godmode beast of a spec, Enjoy!

Sidenote to all the elite warrior guidewriters: I have not finalized the point allocation, just done some extremley 'rough calculations' on whats going to perform best, specifically looking at the champion tree, if you could have a quick browse over the point allocation, spot any mistakes and make any recommended alternatives, it would be very much appreciated, thank you!
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