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This spec is the #1 spell mitigation spec aside from 38/38/0, but I will have to confirm with Primal on the hard numbers though….I will keep this updated.
  • Crest of Entropy : 30% less damage for 10 seconds (OGCD), 1m CD (OGCD)
    Crest of Consumption : Use when expecting a big hit. A 20% mitigation boost for 4s and a 20% healing modifier for 4s, 30s CD (OGCD)

  • Spark : Single Target Taunt (use this instead of Grim Lure, as it gives you one extra attack point
    Incite : AOE Taunt
    Concussion : AOE Taunt

  • Aggressive Block : Keep this up 100% of the time
    Ravaging Strike : Use as an armor debuff every 15s if your raid does not have one
    Shadow of Dread : Charge that applies the following four dots on this list. Back up to use this ability, as it’s not usable in melee range.
    Flesh Rot : AOE threat and great ST damage
    Necrotic Wounds : AOE DOT
    Soul Sickness : AOE DOT
    Blood Fever : AOE threat —
    The opinions of Blood Fever...
    Cyclone Strike : AOE builder with a very large range

  • Creeping Corruption : AOE aura for 38 seconds, 15% heal debuff
    Decaying Corruption : AOE ground target for 38 seconds, drops on your location
    Stumbling Corruption : AOE ground target for 38 seconds, drops on your location
    Dire Corruption : AOE ground target for 38 seconds, drops on your location
    Dire Blow : Flat damage, use if you don’t have any corruptions available for use

  • Void
    Accord of Resilience :
    Crest of the Abyss
    Binding of Devouring Darkness

  • Explosive Infestation / Infestation : Use them at the beginning of a DOT rotation for some extra damage (right after Shadow of Dread )



#show shadow of dread
cast shadow of dread
cast blood fever


#show creeping corruption
cast dire corruption
cast creeping corruption
cast decaying corruption
cast stumbling corruption

What to do for max mitigation:

Keep up Aggressive Block 100% of the time. Spam your builder macro (if you are in melee range and need to use Shadow of Dread , jump backwards and use it as you cannot use it in melee range. Apply Infestation and Explosive Infestation and hit your finisher macro. Once all four of your finisher auras are up, you can use Dire Blow in their place. When they are available again, reapply the four auras via the finisher macro.
What to do for max DPS!!

Use Ravaging Strike as your main builder, and Shadow of Dread off cooldown for your dots. Aside from that, nothing changes from above. Your Blood Fever DOT ticks make up for the fact that spamming a lower damaging ability will end up being more DPS.