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The Builds:

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This spec is my personal favorite and is heavy dps as well with the (semi-complicated) rotation is explained below.

A sidenote to this spec, do NOT use it on Crucia as you have about a 99% chance of wiping the raid during mind control.

  • Fusion of Flesh

    Power Shield

    Protective Shield

    Rift Shield

    Devouring Shield

    Power Variation

  • Spark


    Void Summon

    Rift Summon

  • Aggressive Block

    Keep this up 100% of the time for a block bonus

    Reckless Strike

    This hits HARD with 10 pacts, main builder


    Ranged builder (uses pacts)

    Void Storm

    AOE semi-ranged builder (uses pacts)


    AOE builder


    AOE builder - consumes 3 pacts

  • Devouring Blow

    Main finisher, great damage at 10 pacts

    Unstable Reaction

    High damage 6 second channel, very nice to gain pacts extremely quick

    Rift Reversal

    Reflects the next 3 spells

  • Shock Burst

    AOE silence


    ST ranged silence


    Self cleanse of a curse, gain 1 pact

    Spell Sunder

    Purge the enemy, gain 1 pact. You can also purge nothing and gain 1 pact, but with 61vk this isn't really necessary at the rate of which you gain pacts.

    Spell Destruction

    Great for AOE cleanses and AOE purges simultaneously. Can be used on boss fights when needed to cleanse your raid or purge the boss...or both!


    30% damage mit on target, use to keep someone alive

  • Crest of the Abyss
    Accord of the Rift
    Unstable Void
    Enhanced Conductivity (if 0 tempest)

What to do for max Mitigation:
Keep up Aggressive Block , then spam Reckless Strike to get AP (or Tempest / Ragestorm / Void Storm if AOE). When at 3 AP, use Devouring Blow . [url=] (with mastery)/ Discharge at range. If you are aoeing, use Unstable Reaction , otherwise stick with Devouring Blow . You can also use Unstable Reaction to gain pacts very quickly. It's very efficient to use Power Shield and then Unstable Reaction immediately after to regain your pacts.
When pulling large groups, use Void Summon as it's incredibly efficient as a root/taunt/pull.

What to do for max DPS:
To pull, use a 3 point Unstable Reaction or Reckless Strike if you have Soul Regeneration and basically just spam Void Storm -> Discharge -> Reckless Strike -> to get 3 AP and then finish with Devouring Blow . Next block replaced is Discharge -> Reckless Strike -> Reckless Strike -> Devouring Blow . Repeat. It’s...uh, fairly simple :-). Weave in AOE’s when needed to keep threat or deal damage to multiple mobs. If running low on pacts ( < 5 ) use Unstable Reaction Use Retaliation on cd.


Ciao, queste build sono ancora valide alla 2.5?
Io sto utilizzando la 61 VK/ 15 Reaver/ 0 Paladin e faccio discretamente fatica a tenere aggro (nulla di ingestibile, solo che a volte il mob mi si gira sul main dps, tendenzialmente nei primi 5 secondi del fight) e mi sembra di reggere un po' poco.
Ho visto tank con molti più blu addosso di me prendere meno colpi ^^

I warrior più esperti mi possono dare qualche delucidazione in merito alla build/rotation?

Aggiornata alla 3.0
#show Reckless Strike
cast Reckless Strike
cast Retaliation
cast Devouring Shield

#show Ragestorm
cast Tempest
cast Void Storm
cast Ragestorm
cast Retaliation