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Masteries - Enduring Survival, Protective Aura or Soul Regeneration (depending on the fight), Runner’s Training, Ethereal Strikes, Power Variation.

Paladin is superior to VK for personal survivability and Life's Rapture for preventing an entire raid wipe, but is low on the DPS, especially due to the RNG-elements that are required for the DPS to shine.


  • Touch of Life

    Instant OGCD full heal

    Life’s Rapture

    Instant OGCD raid full heal over 6 seconds and 10% mitigation. It heals 100% of your health instantly and heals your raid over 6 seconds. 1:30 CD (OGCD). Be VERY careful when using this, as it is extremely powerful and has a massive threat modifier. You will pull agro instantaneously on ANYTHING you are not currently the main target of...however this ability being so powerful can easily prevent a raid wipe, but also cause them.

    Light’s Protection

    Increased heals for 12 seconds, 1m CD (OGCD)

    Shield Defense

    30% less damage for 10 seconds, 1m CD (OGCD)

    Aegis of the Light

    Use when expecting a big hit. A 20% mitigation boost for 4s, 30s CD.

    Power Variation

    90% HP regen channel over 3 seconds


  • Interfere

    Single Target Taunt


    AOE Taunt


  • Aggressive Block

    Keep this up 100% of the time.

    Pacifying Strike

    Your main builder, spam it for mitigation.

    Light’s Decree

    AOE threat and great ST damage

    Sweeping Strike

    AOE threat


    Ranged threat (if you have the pacts)


  • Retaliation / Light’s Reprisal / Light’s Vengeance

    Use after block


  • Light’s Benediction

    Your main finisher, it's what makes this spec great

    Vengeful Decree

    AoE threat on 5 targets


  • Light’s Balm / Light’s Blessnig

    Heals target for an amount, good for spot heals and is surprisingly very very useful. I find myself using these quite a bit to help with raid heals.

    Righteous Charge

    Charge, awesome damage as well


    30% damage mit on target, use to keep someone alive

  • Protector's Fury
    Shield of the Hero
    Shield of the Chosen
    Enhanced Conductivity


#show light's balm
cast light's blessing
cast light's balm

#show retaliation
cast light's reprisal
cast light's vengeance
cast retaliation

What to do for max Mitigation:
Keep up Aggressive Block , Pacifying Strike, and Light’s Benediction 100% of the time. Use cooldowns as needed, but be careful from Life’s Rapture threat!

What to do for max DPS!!
Use your OGCDs on cooldown throughout the fight.
Pull with Light’s Decree
Pacifying Strike-> Light’s Benediction (all the mitigation you need, insert Aggressive Block if you want to.
As long as you don’t need it for a charge. use Righteous Charge (NOTE: Righteous Charge does not work at melee range, my recommendation is to jump backwards and then hit it and it should go off. During some encounters it might mess with your character or camera position, so be careful) [rift-ability name="Pacifying Strike"] -> [rift-ability name="Pacifying Strike"] -> [rift-ability name="Light's Benediction"]
Spam Pacifying Strike, use Righteous Charge and Light’s Decree on cooldown, finish with 3 point Light’s Benediction .
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