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The Build: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

This is a hybrid of Warlord and Paladin, resulting in some absolutely ridiculous DPS numbers, with a very noticeable difference in HP and mitigation. Do NOT use this spec unless you are overgeared and have confident healers as you will die, guaranteed. I average about 10,000 DPS on single target boss fights in expert pugs with this spec without a Warlord crystal, which would only add more. My greatest accomplishment with this spec so far is 18.6k DPS while tanking Goloch.

This spec works best with Stormlord’s Flatblade, or more preferably Death’s Final Defeat, or 2x tank 1 handers and the Warlord synergy crystal. It will only work well on fights where you can block a lot of the attacks (ie fights like Matriarch and Regulos it will be useless).

Take note that there is no interrupt in this variation of the spec, but feel free to move around points to get them.

Also, I’d like to thank Warborne for helping me come up with this build. Without him I would not have figured this spec out and without me I don’t think he would have attempted to go so high into Warlord.

Touch of Life : Instant OGCD full heal
No Permission To Die : If you are to die in the next 10 seconds, you would be healed to 50% HP instead


Interfere : Single Target Taunt
Sergeant's Order : Single Target Taunt and a pull in
Judgement : AOE taunt


Pacification : Keep this up 100% of the time, this is a decent bulk of mitigation
Light's Decree : Tons of damage, your main source of AOE threat
Sweeping Strike : Another source of AOE threat
King of the Hill : Massive DPS, 15s CD
Righteous Charge : Tons of damage, back up before using it (it has a minimum range)
A Quick Death : Below 30% HP you will hit very hard


Piercing Thrust
Light's Vengeance
Arterial Strike


Righteous Blow : DPS finisher
Battle Surge : DPS for40s (with 10% added incoming damage!)
Killing Field : Some AOE dps and an alright way to gain AOE threat assuming you are pulling with 3 AP


Brothers in Arms : 15% less damage on a target of your choice redirected to you, not recommended


Shield of the Vengeful
Void OR Enhanced Conductivity
Defensive Posture
Deadly Posture



#show Pacifying Strike
cast Piercing Thrust
cast Light's Decree
cast King of the Hill
cast A Quick Death
cast Pacifying Strike
cast Arterial Strike
cast Retaliation
cast Backhand
cast Light's Vengeance

What to do:

It’s…well, very simple. Spam your macro, at your first 3 AP use Battle Surge . From here on out just use Righteous Blow and use your surge every 40 seconds (when it falls off). Use Righteous Charge
Righteous Charge
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on cooldown as it does a ton of DPS (jump backwards to use it effectively due to the minimum range). Use cooldowns as needed. When the target is below 30% HP your macro will make A Quick Death go off most of the time, and Pacifying Strike will not go off, meaning you do not get the mitigation from it. You will need to manually keep track of your buff and refresh it when needed. If pulling a pack of mobs, start with Sweeping Strike for snap agro.

It really doesn’t get any more simple than this. Remember though, you are pretty squishy in this build (especially with the recent nerf), but you do can do 15k+ dps, even more with a Warlord Crystal. Let your healers know you are running this build so they are prepared to heal you!
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