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Note: You can remove points from pact generating abilities as you’d like and place them in Destructive Forces for extra DPS if you really want to, but for the purpose of this guide I just put everything into pure mitigation or pact generation.

This is the #1 spell mitigation spec. We finally have a hybrid (aside from 41/35)!

The points in VK can be spread a little differently if you’d like, but this is my personal preference. You will also want to be using the Reaver synergy crystal for this spec, as if you were to use the VK one for extra DPS…you might as well just go all out and run VK.

Crest of Entropy : 30% mit for 6 seconds (1m CD (OGCD))
Fusion of Flesh : Use when needed (almost dead or expecting a big hit) A shield for 75% of your max hp (OGCD)


Spark : Single Target Taunt
Airburst : AOE Taunt


Aggressive Block : Keep this up 100% of the time.
Shadow of Dread : Charge that applies all dots (minus Flesh Rot )
Reckless Strike : Your main builder (ONLY if you have Destructive Forces )
Ravaging Strike : Use as an armor debuff every 15s if your raid does not have one and your main builder if you DO NOT have Destructive Forces
Tempest : AOE builder
Ragestorm : AOE builder
Cyclone Strike : AOE builder
Blood Fever : Keep this up 100% of the time, if there are multiple bosses being tanked, keep it up on all of them, even if you are not the current target —
The opinions of Blood Fever...


Devouring Blow : Main finisher, (assuming you have Destructive Forces ) great damage at 10 pacts (slightly reduced damage due to 2/3 Ambient Engorgement )[
Dire Blow Use if you don’t have Destructive Forces for the above.


Shock : ST ranged silence
Spellbreaker : Self cleanse of a curse, gain 1 pact, 15% magic mitigation for 2 seconds (use on cooldown when available considering you are running this spec for spell mit)
Spell Sunder : Purge the enemy, gain 1 pact. You can also purge nothing and gain 1 pact
Rift Shield : Good for absorbing some damage (OGCD)
Crest of the Shadow : Good for absorbing some damage (OGCD)
Spasm : Interrupt


Accord of Resilience
Accord of Power
Accord of Shifting
Crest of the Abyss
Binding of Shadow



#show Shadow of Dread
cast Shadow of Dread
cast Reckless Strike

What to do for max Mitigation:

Keep up Aggressive Block and Blood Fever 100 of the time%. Use your builder macro/Devouring Blow for main agro generation. Use cooldowns as needed.
What to do for max DPS!!

This spec isn’t really built for DPS, it’s kinda just for spell mit. If you really want, you can use Spark to gain one attack point (similar to VK) to get a finisher faster.