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This is a guide for the beastmaster. Beastmaster is a support role that shares most raid buffs (but not all) with archon, the mage support soul. In this guide I will provide two beastmaster specs, one for using alongside an archon, and one that almost fully replaces an archon.
The first of these specs is 58 beastmaster. You can use 58 beastmaster when you don’t want to use an archon for whatever reason, but there are also some things you can do with this spec that an archon can not do. Beastmaster has the best ability for mass purging, two good defensive cooldowns and in this particular spec also an additional unique cast time buff: primal lucidity.
On the other hand, beastmasters can’t do the endurance buff provided by one of the archon auras or do the standard physical and nonphysical debuffs. The endurance buff can be covered by a cleric healer with a low amount of points in sentinel, the phys and non phys debuffs can either be done by a bard/oracle or by a mage with the 51 pyro/archon hybrid.
The second spec covered in this guide is 48 beastmaster. Like 58 beastmaster, you get the unique buffs of enrage, command to stand ground and command to recover. You also get beastmasters spammable purge. The difference between 48 and 58 is that the 48 beastmaster spec has more dps, but it comes at the cost of not getting the cast speed raid buffs and the raid wide 5% crit buffs. This crit buff is so impactful on raid dps that there is no point in playing 48 beastmaster over 58 unless you have an archon in your raid doing the crit buff.
One spec not covered by my guide is 54 BM. This spec is currently out of favor because it does not get Call of the Forest which pyromancers like to have. It plays exactly the same as 58 BM though.

3.0 Changes

You can skip this section if you are new to beastmaster. This section is ment for people who have read my prior guides and just want to know what’s changed for 3.0 quickly. 58BM Soul Tree has not changed, 48BM Soul Tree changed a little bit. Both of them have switched to 0 points in reaver because soul sickness is very strong. 48 BM no longer uses shifting blades because of the arc/sb hybrid nerf. This means that 48 BM and 58 BM now play practically the same. The only difference is that 48 BM needs to have tranquility inside its main builder macro. Other playstyle changes are that you have to keep track of soul sickness as well now, so you have 1 more dot to manage. The dots also last 6 seconds longer though because of precision strikes, so overall BM has become a lot easier. Keep in mind that if you were using Karuul alert you might have to update your alerts to look for the correct duration on the dots.

58 BM Soul Tree: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

48 BM Soul Tree: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

58 BM Buffs

Way of the River
Call of Savagery
Call of Kinship
Call of Blood
Call of the Forest
Turn The Blade (optional, more on this later)

Since 58 BM is meant to use when you do not have an archon in the raid, you should also use atleast Bond of Power and Bond of Shelter. Bond of Alacrity can be done by you or by the bard/oracle if he/she doesn’t need to use Anthem of Fervor.

Important: if you die, you need to recast all the Calls and Bonds! Only Way of the River stays active.

48 BM Buffs

Way of the River
Call of Savagery
Call of Kinship
Turn The Blade (optional, more on this later)

Since 48 BM is meant to use when you also have an archon in the raid, you should not use Bond of Power and Bond of Shelter because the archon will do these. Bond of Alacrity can be done by you or by the bard/oracle if he/she doesn’t need to use Anthem of Fervor.

Important: if you die, you need to recast all the Calls and Bonds! Only Way of the River stays active.


61: Personal Preference
62: Personal Preference
63: Energy Reserves
64: Precision Strikes
65: Power Manipulation

Synergy Crystal
Slayer's Crystal

Raid cooldowns
Command to Attack
Command to Stand Ground
Command to Recover

You need to have these skills on your bar. How you use them is up to your raid and I won't go into detail on them here.

Ability and DoT tracking

I recommend using karuulalert to track dots, though you can also do it by just looking at your targets debuffs if you prefer. The things you need to track are:
Cutting Slash duration
Tearing Slash duration
Twin Cuts duration
Flesh Rip duration
Soul Sickness duration
Vicious Opportunity/Flesh rip proc
Cunning Ruse cooldown (it provides a 20s buff but this buff doesn't have a timer and thus can’t be tracked)
(Optional for 58 BM, Fierce Wounds, the pet buff applied by Fierce Strike)

How to play

Builder priority from high to low:
Cutting Slash (Never let this fall off, you will hate yourself)
Cunning Ruse
Twin Cuts
Soul Sickness
Primal Lucidity
Vicious Blow
Fierce Strike

For Cutting Slash, reapply it as soon as you can after the penultimate tick. Reapplying on 2 seconds left is better than reapplying on 0 seconds left, because you will get the next tick sooner when reapplying on 2 seconds left.

Cunning Ruse has a cooldown of 15 seconds while the buff lasts 20 seconds. Putting it in your spam macro means this will generally up all the time. I still recommend tracking the cooldown of Cunning Ruse with a karuul though so you never risk letting this fall off when reapplying multiple dots in a row or purging. When you see that it’s ready use 1 or 2 more global cooldowns on something else if you must but then press your spam macro once to get this back up.

Twin Cuts and Soul Sickness: simply reapply as soon as you can after it ends.

Primal Lucidity: I recommend putting this in your spam macro since it lasts shorter than its duration and it will get used frequently enough that way.

Fierce Strike: This ability is only relevant dps wise to 58 BM. Maintaining Fierce Wounds is not a dps gain except during Enrage, so try to use Fierce Strike once before activating Enrage. 48 BM does not spec into Fierce Wounds so there is no need to do it there. You will still end up using this ability frequently though, either to purge or simply because you are at range and can’t do anything else.

Finisher priority:
This is simple. Use Tearing Slash if it’s bleed isn’t up, otherwise use Brutal Strike. Tearing Slash is not worth clipping.

Flesh Rip(FR) and Vicious Opportunity(VO) procs:
VO and FR share a proc, so every time your pet crits you can only use either one of them. However, they do not share a cooldown, so if your pet crits twice in a row you can use them in rapid succession if you want.
Flesh Rip deals more damage than VO with the dot part included, but VO deals more instant damage so your procs should go to VO as soon as you have Flesh Rips dot up.
To ensure maximum uptime on Flesh Rips dot you should clip the bleed near the end, so it doesn't go off if you get unlucky and do not have procs for a while.
The ideal time to clip FR is either 5 or 2 seconds left on the debuff. However, FR has a big animation delay so generally you want to press the button on 6 or 3.

Finally, you have to decide yourself if you are going to have TTB active or not. Without TTB you do way more damage, but risk energy starvation if verse of joy is not used on cooldown. The advantage of having TTB on is that you can purge a lot faster and that it costs relatively less of your time spend dpsing.

A small addition for 48 BM only: using Flurry whenever you don’t need to refresh any dots is a dps gain. This also means that you can play your oGCD abilities more aggressively since you will not run out of energy. For example, during Enrage (when your pet has a higher chance to crit) you can spam both Vicious Opportunity and Flesh Rip. The pet will crit so often that you should be able to use both on cooldown. Outside of Enrage this is generally not worth the risk, since VO does way more damage than FR when FRs dot is already up.


58 BM Main builder (spam) macro:
#show Messy Wounds
cast Messy Wounds
cast Cunning Ruse
cast Primal Lucidity
cast Vicious Blow
cast Fierce Strike

48 BM Main builder (spam) macro:
#show Messy Wounds
cast Messy Wounds
cast Cunning Ruse
cast Tranquility
cast Vicious Blow
cast Fierce Strike

Then, you need macros for all dps abilities you plan on using with Messy Wounds on top. For example:

Cutting Slash macro:
#show Cutting Slash
cast Messy Wounds
cast Cutting Slash

Other abilities that you should macro like this: Tearing Slash, Brutal Strike, Fierce Strike, Flesh Rip, Vicious Opportunity, Twin Cuts, Soul Sickness.


This opener is designed to get cunning ruse and some dots up asap and having all raid cds active at 6 seconds.

Start with TTB on

Optional: prepull planar surge (activates all your Calls)
Fierce Strike->Cutting Slash->Cutting Slash->Tearing Slash
Command to Attack+Enrage
Cunning Ruse
(Turn TTB off now if you want to play 1.5s GCD)
Cutting Slash (+Flesh Rip if you got a proc)->Twin Cuts->Brutal Strike
Soul Sickness -> Main builder x2 -> Brutal Strike

Now that you have all your dots up play as described above.

Note that Strike to Maim and Enrage count towards Cunning Ruse so it’s very likely that it will be at the full 20% with this opener.
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Bella Kors!!
La guida è buona...L'ho provata...dps anche mantengo le solite perplessità sulla soul...a mio parere rimane troppo situazionale. Giocare melee in questo gioco non è semplice. Si è vero...potrebbe anche battere un archon in dps e potrebbe anche eguagliarlo in quanto a buff, ma per fare ciò:

1. La tattica del boss deve prevedere la possibilità di andare melee.
2. Il boss deve essere un manichino.
3. Non ci devono essere frequenti disconnect.

N.B.: Quando un boss possiede queste caratteristiche i warrior dovrebbero andare paragon e battere la concorrenza in dps...non avrebbe senso perderne uno per fargli fare il support.

Non credo che ci dedicherò altro tempo :/ ma visto che tu non hai la liberator potresti diventare l"eventuale BM di gilda" Cheesy
Cosi perma-purgi anche tu cazzo! Cheesy "e non rompi le scatole agli altri" Cheesy
Ho sempre pensato fosse un ottima alternativa al pyrochon ma resta il solito problema.. chi la gioca? xD

Attualmente rogue e war facciamo + dps dei caster perchè gli manca il 10% in meno sul cast time che considerato tutto aggiunge parecchio al dps globale.. bisogna vedere poi (come dice sephi) in quali fight è utilizzabile per eguagliare il dps di un support mage e quanto dps aggiunge ai cleric/mage in raid perchè sennò paragon/tempest e gg
C'è qualcosa di poco chiaro in quelle macro o sbaglio?
Cioè è una macro spam mentre questa build richiede delle meccaniche in combo....
Quindi se ho ben capito dopo aver studiato il soul builder per mezz'ora:

molti raid preferiscono il bestmaster per:
1. +10% cp, +5% dmg +5% crit ogni 10s ogni minuto
2. il flaring power del bm dura non 20s ma 30s
3. ci sono un paio di commands difensivi

Vestito a dovere dovrebbe fare più danno dell'archon (almeno versione Pyro, non conosco le altri eventuali build)
Le uniche cose che mi sento di dire sono:
1 - Flaring dura 30s mentre Command to Attack (dovrebbe essere l'omologo) dura 20s. La differenza della durata credo che stia proprio nella differenza Lava Field VS Enrage (enrage>lava field e non solo per i bonus conferiti. LF: GTAoE +5% dmg a 10 delle persone che ci stanno dentro, 20 con mastery e diventa istant e con lava spout al 5% di base si aggiunge un altro 5% quindi diventa 10%. Enrage:5%dmg, 5%crit, 100%cp, applicato sul target.)
2 - Un BM può fare un danno abbastanza simile ad un Harbchon (melee X melee) ovviamente in situazioni favorevoli per entrambi. A teoria invece entrambi dovrebbero rimanere nettamente sotto ad uno Stormchon in condizioni favorevoli (movimenti molto limitati o pressochè nulli).
3 - Enrage > Lava Field ma l'archon è superiore per un motivo. Visto il danno imbarazzante dei war e la semplicità che sembra avere sta classe nel tirarlo fuori è meglio usare un archon visto che fra tutte le soul è quella che ha la difficoltà minore nel tirare fuori numeri decenti (rapportati al ruolo e a come lo si gioca....è un support, i numeri vengono comunque dopo il supporto al raid) quando tutte le altre soul obbligano il mage a cristonare in modi che non potete immaginare per raggiungere un output di danno "decente" (ovviamente il tutto è riferito a chi gioca decentemente e non si limita al gatto che rotola sulla tastiera mentre il player dorme). Quindi è meglio sacrificare (allo stato attuale delle cose) una classe che fatica nel tirare fuori danno e "relegarla" a support al posto di sacrificarne una che tira fuori numeri decenti in relativa semplicità e in quasi tutte le occasioni.
effettivamente ho paragonato un po di parser dell'yrlawatch, molti raid usano tutti e 3 i support (1m raid dps) ma ad esempio i fires of heaven (1,3m raid dps) usano solo archon e oracle con risultati migliori.
Onestamente non capisco perché sulle board ufficiali ci sia quella versione della build. Io consiglio
Para 48 (da usare con oracle o bardo) ... jg/Vg|_J_0
oppure ... g/Vgw|_J_0

(la seconda dovrebbe fare un filo piu' danno ma un un 3% cast speed al raid non fa schifo)
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